Austin Animal Center at capacity after last week's storms

The rain and storms of last week has displaced many of Austin's animals. 

Austin Animal Center has taken in 315 animals in the last seven days.

Today, there are 356 dogs and 113 cats at the Austin Animal Center all who are missing their owners or are ready for adoption.

Shelter staff are asking for the public’s help, specifically those people whose dogs may have escaped and run away during last week’s storms.

Many dogs that have come into the shelter in the past week appear to be owned animals, but they have not yet been reclaimed.

This paired with a low number of adoptions this week have put Austin Animal Center in a strain for space. Low adoption rates could be a result of Spring Break and the draw of SXSW.

“We’ve got many beautiful, owned and well cared for dogs sitting in kennels and cages waiting for their families to come and take them home.  said Chief Animal Services Officer, Tawny Hammond. And the situation at the Animal Center today is dire; there is not one single space to put an incoming animal right now."

Austin Animal Center reminds pet owners to make sure their pets have identification on them, and if pets are lost, come to the Austin Animal Center to find them. The Center offers free microchips and ID tags to all pets of Travis County, no appointment necessary

Austin Animal Center is also asking anyone who has room in their home to foster a medium to large dog for a minimum of two weeks to help alleviate the current space issues. Residents are encouraged to come
to the shelter and pick out a dog. Dogs available for foster can be identified by their kennel signs.

The Austin Animal Center is open daily 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 7201 Levander Loop.

For more information, call 3-1-1 or visit For photos of lost or adoptable pets and updates about Austin Animal Center, check the Center's Facebook Page.