Austin-based healthcare company launches veterans initiative

Medici, an Austin-based virual health care company, is launching a new initiative called Operation: 11/11 which aims to provide veterans across the country with concierge level healthcare at no cost and without the waiting rooms.

Statistics show that right now more than 19 million veterans are living in the U.S. and Medici says its number one goal is to give those veterans the care they need.

During Operation: 11/11 all veterans who register at medici will have access to texas, voice or video consultations with doctors.

The doctors practice medicine in all 50 states and specialize in more than just general practice. There's also pyschiatrists, dermatologists and orthopedics as well.

Vice President of Digital with Medici, Jason Whitson, says that with this access veterans can receive expert advice, diagnosis, prescriptions and even referrals to other specialists. 

Proof of military service is required but health insurance is not needed.

Whitson says this is a way to show appreciation to veterans the best way they know how.

"We don't believe that Veterans Day should be about a discount on a pickup truck or a discount on a mattress. We want to do something very meaningful and because we're really good at giving virtual care and capabilities of serving a large number of people efficiently, this is how we say thanks to veterans," Whitson says.

For more details on Operation: 11/11 you can go here.