Austin community rallies behind WWll veteran in need of home repairs

Slowly but surely, WWll veteran Louis Hicks is seeing improvements to his home.

Tucked away in East Austin, Hicks has lived in this house since the 1930's.

In late January, Hicks called 911 to report a burglary. Officer Chasity Salazar responded, she realized he was using an oven to heat his home.

Days later Officer Salazar and Officer Bino Cadenas brought Hicks a heater. Their generosity inspired the WindTherapy Freedom Riders, Meals on Wheels and dozens of volunteers to get together clean up Hicks' backyard.

President of WTFR Luis Rodriguez said the group loaded four trailers full of metal and debris.

Now, Hicks has room to walk around and build on his future vegetable garden.

Wednesday, Officer Salazar presented Hicks with a check mailed to her from a man in Delaware.

Since Hicks's story was shared his family has raised more than $10,000 through Gofundme.

"I never thought that anything would happen like this,” Hicks said. "And thank y'all everybody. Not just one individual but everybody in the whole city and the wide world."

The money from the Gofundme will go toward structural home repairs, groceries and items that will help Hicks live more comfortably.



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