Austin Council Member Zimmerman's truck stolen

Police say they have the man in custody who stole Austin City Council Member Don Zimmerman's truck. It happened late Friday night as Zimmerman was putting up signs on E SH 71.

"There was nobody out there,"Zimmerman says,  "11 o'clock at night, no pedestrians and very few cars so I pulled over to the side of the road."

It was parked, with the keys in the ignition. "I was putting out these big 4x8 Vote No Travis Court House Bond Taxes."

That's when Police say twenty-six year old Montel Rogers drove off in it. "I heard nothing, that is what is so scary and frightening because I was so close," Zimmerman says. He called police from a nearby gas station. According to court documents, Rogers got into the 2004 Toyota Tundra and drove it to his girlfriend's house several miles away on Terry Drive. 

"The police said when they arrived, he had these keys and my cell phone." Zimmerman says his wallet was also in the car, with several hundred dollars in cash but none of it was missing.

Court records show that once Rogers arrived at Acosta's house, the two started arguing. She is the one who called police.

"The second officer said there had already been a phone call on a suspicious vehicle that had just been called in and that had turned out to be my truck," Zimmerman says. 

According to court documents, when Acosta called 911, she told police that Rogers had called her earlier in the day rambling about killing people. And she added, that  while she was on the phone with them, Rogers had slammed her cat onto the ground and killed it. Police did not find the cat but Acosta told them Rogers may have gotten rid of it before they arrived.

Rogers' bail has been set at twelve thousand dollars and has been ordered to have mental health supervision while out on bond. As of Monday night, he remained behind bars at the Travis County Jail.