Austin fire chief extends waterway ban for Red Bud Trail

Austin Fire Chief Joel Baker has extended the waterway ban for Red Bud Trail upstream to Tom Miller Dam due to Friday's heavy rains.

"It has ben determined water conditions remain unsafe in certain areas of the lakes due to excess water flow," Baker said in a release. "These conditions continue to create high and swift waters, which will make recreational, commercial, and navigational use from Red Bud Trail upstream to Tom Miller Dam unsafe."

According to the release, it is an offense to violate the ban or attempt a low water crossing or on any barricaded road and any watercraft found operating illegally on waters in the Flood Ban Area may be impounded.

The ban expires on Friday, May 10 at noon.

Baker issued a waterway ban on Saturday morning for Lake Austin from Mansfield Dam to Tom Miller Dam, Lady Bird Lake and the Colorado River downstream of Longhorn Dam because of water entering the waterways from the heavy rains and causing high and swift waters. 

The initial ban expired at noon Monday and the waterways were reevaluated. According to Baker, all other affected waterways were reopened.