Austin fundraiser for Louisiana flood victims

The Austin community continues to show support for its neighbors in Louisiana by helping those affected get back on their feet. For that reason, a fundraising event was held on Sunday.

The historic flooding in Louisiana has impacted lives across the country.

"My family was affected. My father, my brother have lost their homes. Anything you guys can provide is so greatly appreciated because remember, a lot of people from Louisiana moved to the great state of Texas and call Austin their home," says Susie Rupert, family affected.

In response, our community has come together to show its love and support.
It means the world to people like Susie Rupert.

"I say thank you from the bottom of my heart," says Rupert.

On Sunday, The Rusty Rudder on Lake Travis & the Austin Musician's Baton Rouge Relief put together a fundraising event for the flood victims in Louisiana.
More than 100,000 people have registered for federal aid and Governor John Bel Edwards says around 100,000 homes have been damaged.

"We have gotten a huge outcry of support, more than we ever originally anticipated from the Austin community. It makes us so proud to call Austin, Texas home," says Christine Robinson, LSU alumni.

The Baton Rouge Area Foundation has dispatched teams across the Baton Rouge region to find where needs are the greatest.
They hope it will ensure that donations go quickly and directly to nonprofits that are doing the most for those in need.

"The resilience is tremendous. A lot of these people are getting double hit. It happened to be at above floodplain and they were told by the federal government that they didn't need insurance. Now they're going to require it," says Sharon Owens, LSU alumni.

A warehouse in Georgetown will open Monday so that more items can be collected.

You can stop by anytime between 7:30 am and 5 pm. The warehouse is located at 111 Halmar Cv, Georgetown.