Austin girl bringing awareness to homeless children in Afghanistan

A 10-year-old Austin girl is bringing awareness to "Homeless Children in Afghanistan". That's the title of a book Zainab Ali Asgar and her sister Julie wrote.

Zainab's mother is from Afghanistan and has shared stories of the struggles in that country. 

The sisters say it broke their hearts that many children lose their families because of war. They end up homeless with no one to care for them and often tims they get sick and die.

Zainab says the book is aimed at opening the eyes of children living in the U.S. to show them that there are those out there that aren't as fortunate. 

"They're so blessed because they have a roof. They have clothes. They have a home. They have education but they have to know that some kids don't even have enough money to buy themselves a jacket for the winter," Zainab says.

Zainab says she'd like more to be done to help those kids so a portion of proceeds from the book will to do just that.

You can find the book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.