Austin Humane Society asking for donations to help injured dog

The Austin Humane Society is asking the public for donations to help an injured dog. Jilly Bean was surrendered to AHS after her family could no longer care for her and clinic staff found something was wrong during a checkup.

AHS say staff noticed some lameness in Jilly Bean's right rear leg and upon closer examination they discovered damage from some kind of past trauma. 

Staff believe Jilly Bean was injured and did not receive the proper treatment which caused her right femur to heal incorrectly. That has left her with one leg shorter than the other and it's now impacting both of her knees.

AHS says that its veterinary partners have determined that Jilly Bean's best course of action is for surgeries in the right and left knees to repair damage. The surgeries are estimated to cost more than $7,000.

Jilly Bean's first surgery is scheduled for October 17 after which she'll placed in a foster home for months of recovery before she's p laced in the AHS adoption program.

For more information and to donate you can go here.