Austin ISD begins pooled testing at Ridgetop Elementary School

Austin ISD is trying a new COVID-19 testing method at one of their elementary schools. The school district began piloting the new testing approach at Ridgetop Elementary on Oct. 19.

According to Austin ISD, pooled testing is a new method where students from the same class put their swabs into one testing vial. The new approach could allow Austin ISD to target campuses where students are testing positive more frequently and help slow the spread.

"If a test comes back positive, we’ll know which classroom it came from and will test individual students from there." the school district explained on its website. Austin ISD also went on to say that because it is testing more students, this could lead to more positive results in Austin ISD initially.

Parents have been notified and students will only get a test if their family gave consent, according to Austin ISD. 

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