Austin ISD schools will be closed February 11, March 4

Students and staff at Austin ISD will be getting extra days off this semester. Austin ISD schools will be closed on Friday, February 11, and Friday, March 4.

During their meeting on Thursday, the school board approved closing the schools on two Fridays in the spring. The idea behind the closures is to give the students and staff some relief during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

More than 20,000 parents, students, teachers, and staff provided feedback to the district ahead of their decision. "One of the options was a longer, earlier release fewer times. and then we also had an early release nine times in the Spring semester, or the third option was no early release period," said Nguyen.

Around 90% of all parents, students, and staff said yes to some sort of early release, but 19% of just parents surveyed did not want early release at all.’

"There were concerns about childcare, so we came back, had our discussions, and came with a proposal that having two full days off. [This] would allow our teachers to rest, it wouldn't give that back and forth of having to deal with childcare for only a couple hours of the day after school or ends early," said Nguyen.

Austin ISD is considering closing schools for two Fridays in the spring

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