Austin ISD starts 'clear bag' policy at football stadiums

It's time for high school football again. On Thursday night, Austin ISD kicked off their varsity season.

But if you're heading out to any home games and you're planning on taking a bag in, it will need to be a clear plastic bag. Austin ISD Athletic Director Leal Anderson says the new clear-bag policy change is for safety of course. They want to make sure spectators aren't bringing in something dangerous.

According to the district, bags can't be bigger than 12 x 6 x 12.

Anderson says the policy applies to facilities like Burger Field, House Park, Nelson Field, Nowak and the Delco Center. He says it's similar to UT's policy so if you have a clear bag you've taken into the Longhorn game before over at Darryl K. Royal, that will work for AISD games too.

"We're just at a different time in society now and we're trying to be proactive in taking steps so that we can make our fans, our players, community safe inside the stadium," Anderson said.

Jay Glascock, manager of the Academy Sports and Outdoors on Brodie Lane says Academy has you covered. "The price range is from $5.99 to $7.99 so very value-driven there and it's a huge variety so you can have everything from a clear tote bag to one with a UT logo on it or A&M and also all the licensed and professional teams as well so the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans so no matter what your interest is, you'll be able to find it at Academy.

And when Austin ISD says "clear bag" they really mean it.  You can't bring in a backpack, a plastic patterned bag, a purse, a mesh straw bag or a diaper bag.

What you can bring in though that is not clear is a small clutch bag that fits in your hand.