Austin jewelry store unable to get in contact with APD detectives following break-ins

The owners of four Austin businesses believe the same man has broken into, or attempted to break into, their stores this month.

They said they haven't seen much action by Austin police after reporting the crimes.

There is surveillance footage of the man, and he even left behind a receipt with a name on it for tools he used for one of these break-ins at a shop.

Still, owner Daniel Schwieterman said he hasn't been able to get a response from police.

"I mean, people rely on us to keep their stuff safe. And when you have somebody break in, and makes us kind of look bad, and even though we're not completely covered on everything, but, you know, the customer sees that, and they'll be like, 'well, I'm not taking my stuff there,'" said Aaron Jamison, watchmaker.

Schwieterman said he got an alert around 7 a.m. Sunday that the business alarm was going off.

"A gentleman, pulled up in the parking lot in his BMW, got out with tools, walked past our front door, went to a window that was sealed real quick with a screwdriver, pulled the seal out, busted the window and tried to break into the bars," said Schwieterman.

When the thief couldn't get inside, he went next door to a dentist's office where he had better luck. 

After contacting the local jeweler's committee, Schwieterman learned the man broke into three other shops, even leaving behind a receipt for tools with a name on it.

"I mean, it's super frustrating. We've tried telling them, one what the gentleman's name is. And I have video of him with the mask on and without it, we have it at three other stores with his mask on and with the receipt now and nothing," said Schwieterman.

Schwieterman said he has been unable to get in contact with a detective.

"That's rough. You know, when the city you grew up in, and love kind of turned your back on you?" said Jamison.

More than a week has passed, and the business hasn't been assigned a case number. Because of this, Schwieterman said they haven't been able to make an insurance claim for the damage.

FOX 7 Austin contacted the Austin Police Department, they acknowledged the request, but have not provided a response.