Austin lakes and rivers attract thousands

For the first time in several weeks swimmers and water enthusiasts were allowed back into many Austin lakes and rivers. Hundreds spent most of their Sunday on Lady Bird Lake looking to make up for lost time after flooding and safety concerns forced the Austin Fire Department shut down many popular swimming holes.

"I mean it's definitely been kind of rough. I personally love the water, I like to stay cool and so getting back in the water has been pretty relaxing for me," Eric Abels said.

"I come out here a lot during summers and it was pretty hard for the first couple of weeks but it's been great coming back out," Mercedes Soriano said.

Lindsay Rohler is the general manager of the Rowing Dock on Lady Bird Lake. She said the dock had to close its doors for two weeks and even turn away some customers.

"It was a little sad but for us safety was most important so we understood why. The currents were really strong, there was lots of debris, and it was not safe to be on the water," she said.

But Rohler is happy to see the doors and boats open again.

"It's very exciting. We are so thankful that the lake is back open and that the current is actually back to normal. So that all the families that are coming out to celebrate Father's Day can actually have an enjoyable and smooth time on the lake," Rohler said

Graeme and Kate Waitzkin did just that by celebrating Father's Day with their three young children on the water.

"It's kind of a once in a lifetime Father's Day experience to get out here with your little kids and really enjoy it. No pressures, no school on the mind, because it is summer time, and it's a pretty wonderful day," Graeme said.

"(The kids) wanted to get in all the little nooks and crannies on the sides of the river and explore. It was a sweet, sweet day," Kate said.

Although lakes are re-open the LCRA is urging swimmers to use caution and to be aware of debris that might still be in the water.