Austin man continues search for missing dog

Manny Guzman spends a lot of his time back at a familiar spot near Lady Bird Lake. Not only searching for answers but searching for something. Manny's 10-year-old dog , O.G., has been at Manny's side since he was six-week old puppy but that suddenly came to an end on May 26th.

"He got scared from the storms and he took off running." Guzman said, "I thought maybe it was because of the accident, he was still traumatized. He took off and I tried calling him back but he was running so fast I couldn't keep up with him."

Guzman spent all night searching for O.G. However the search, quickly went from days, to weeks, and now it's months.

"I've been walking the creeks, I've been going through the woods and all over South Austin just looking for him. (I've even gone to) Lockhart, Buda." Guzman said, "Everything I could think of I try to do and nothing. No word of him at all."

As each day passes, the weight of being without his best friend is taking its toll.

"It's like having a newborn (baby) and you raise him and all of a sudden he is gone. It's the same thing, he is an animal, but he still means a lot to me. Just like a human. Sometimes more than a human." Guzman said. "I love him more than my life I'll tell you that."

Guzman and his family are still hopeful that the love he has for O.G. will eventually lead to his return home.

"I just hope that if somebody has him that he will return him to me, or anybody how knows anything because I need closure. My wife and I we have no peace in our lives anymore because he was our peace," Guzman said.

Guzman said O.G. was last seen in the Dove Spring area near Stassney Lane on May 26, 2016. If anyone has any information on O.G.'s whereabouts or condition, they are asked to call 512-758-9669 or 480-453-2301.