Austin man grateful to bystander who helped save his life following crash

An Austin man is finally back home after fighting for his life back in August. 

Trevor DeSano was hit by a truck while crossing a crosswalk in North Austin. Round Rock officers who arrived on scene say the quick thinking of a witness is what helped him survive. 

“Nobody thought I was going to make it and here I am, so I’m pretty thankful for that,” said DeSano.

DeSano, who studies animation at the Art Institute of Austin, was trying to grab a bite to eat after class when he was hit by a truck while crossing Parker Drive. 

“A black truck waved me to go and he was looking left after that and he saw an opening to turn into his lane and forgot about me,” DeSano said. “He hit me, ran me over, dragged me about eight to ten feet, didn’t even know he ran me over till he felt a bump at the back of his car.”

DeSano’s pelvis was shattered, his lung collapsed, and had severe cuts throughout his body. Time was of the essence. A nurse who happened to be driving in the area rushed to his aid. 

“Got out of her car and gave me CPR, she’s basically the reason that I was able to make it to the hospital,” said DeSano.

Round Rock Officer Jason Bristow was one of the first to arrive on scene. 

“He did not look like he was going to make it,” said Bristow. 

He said the quick thinking of the nurse were critical in saving DeSano. 

“She did such a good job and her training kicked in that when medics arrived on scene they were able to pick up where she left off and Round Rock Fire was able to assist with that,” said DeSano.

Bristow along with the other Round Rock officers who were on scene continued to check in on DeSano while he spent weeks in the hospital. They even helped him to contact his family in New York. 

“It was really nice that they came and checked on me,” DeSano said. “I was not expecting that at all.”

While he’s now back home, the road to recovery is far from over. DeSano said the pain is so intense, even sleeping is difficult. 

“Getting out of bed is pretty hard too,” DeSano said. “Showering takes a lot longer I have to sit in a chair.”

While he’s limited on what he can do, what DeSano wants to do is meet everyone who helped him that eventful day especially the nurse. 

“What do you say to the person that saved your life?” DeSano said. “I think about what I would say I would probably start off with thank you.”

For now DeSano said he plans to take every day as it comes as he continues to heal.

Round Rock police is currently investigating. They said the driver of the truck has been cooperating with the investigation.

A GoFundMe has been set up for DeSano by his older sister.