Nurses in Austin vote to authorize what would be first nurses' strike in Texas

Nurses in Austin could go on what would be the first nurses' strike in Texas and the largest one in the state.

National Nurses United says negotiations with Ascension Seton began in November 2022. It says that nurses are looking to improve patient care and safety at the hospital, but that management has not responded to critical proposals or provided what it says are unacceptable counterproposals.

The vote means that nurses can go on strike, but they must provide a 10-day strike notice to Ascension Seton.

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Ascension Texas released a statement in regard to news of the strike saying that it continues to bargain in good faith. It called the vote "disappointing" as it says both sides continue to work towards an agreement and that there are multiple sessions scheduled through the end of June.

A contingency plan is in place to ensure patients experience no disruption in care or service, Ascension Texas says.