Austin officer saves woman choking on biscuit

An Austin police officer pulls over a woman. Instead of giving her a ticket, he gives her the Heimlich maneuver and saves her life.

Incredible dash cam video shows an APD officer jumping into action after realizing a woman is choking. He is being praised for his fast actions.

Watch the Dash Cam Video Right Here.

A traffic stop turns into a life-saving moment.  "Did you get it? Did you get it?" says Senior Officer Dustin Clinkscales, Austin Police Dept.
For the woman's father, an Austin police detective, he is forever grateful. Especially knowing one of his brothers in blue, did the saving.

"I gave him a hug," says Detective Damon Dunn, father of driver.

This dash cam video shows exactly what happened last Sunday. APD Senior Police Officer Dustin Clinkscales was headed west on Ben White Blvd. After seeing a woman on the phone, he turns on flashing lights. As the officer approaches, the woman begins to open her door. She has her hands over her throat. That's when Officer Clinkscales realizes the woman is choking. He gets her out of the car and begins to perform the Heimlich maneuver. After several attempts, the object is dislodged. Then the woman faints.

"Well this will be an example of what officer's do every day. They step up to the moment, they help save lives. They do the job they need to do whether it is the use of force, or it is saving someone from choking," says Lt. Robert Hightower, Officer Clinkscales Commander, Austin Police Dept.
We're told the woman was choking on a biscuit.

Austin Travis County EMS transported the woman to a nearby hospital. They say if not for Officer Clinkscales quick and fast actions, the patient would have most certainly had a negative outcome.

"The first thing she said, she pointed to Officer Clinkscales and said, 'that officer saved my life,'" says Commander Michael Eveleth, Austin Police Dept.

She had tried calling 911 but could not speak. First responders say it's important for the public to also know how to handle situations like this.

"For our adult choking patients, typically the  person will be holding their throat. At that time, you will come behind the person who is choking, placing one foot in-between their legs. One hand comes around and finds the belly button, thumbs side toward the stomach. The other hand comes around and grabs that fist. You'll pull toward you and up, as if you're lifting the person who is choking. You'll continue to do that until the object either comes out or the person is unresponsive," says John Villanueva, CPR Program Coordinator, ATCEMS.

In Sunday's case, the officer was at the right moment, at the right time.

"Well my daughter, she was very thankful and she was lucky he was there," says Detective Dunn.

Keep in mind, there are different ways to perform the Heimlich maneuver depending on the victim's age. Austin Travis County EMS has classes on that, for more information call 512-978-0176 or head to