Austin police arrest man accused of shooting and killing father

Austin police have charged a man with first degree murder after they say he shot and killed his father during a possible domestic dispute, Thursday night. Around 7:50 p.m. police responded to reports of gun shots at the Towers of Town Lake condo's located along interstate 35, about two blocks from Rainey Street.

Officials say when officers arrived, they found 66-year-old Nadir Abdeladim inside his home with multiple gunshot wounds. Police say several witnesses told them that the victim's son, Hakim Abdeladim, was seen with his father minutes before the shooting.

"We realized the suspect was actually this man's son," said Sgt. Tracy Gerrish with the  Austin Police Department.

Jose Paredez was working nearby when he says he heard the shots and saw commotion around the condo's. He says police kept him and his customers from leaving the area until it was safe. 

"It was a little overwhelming because I didn't know what was happening," said Paredez. 

Police say they were able to arrest Hakim Abdeladim at a Holiday Inn parking lot next to the condo's where the shooting happened. "I think there's some long term issues going on with the family," said Sgt. Gerrish.

Police have charged Hakim Abdeladim with first degree murder. 

Officials believe Hakim Abdeladim used an ar-15 during the shooting. Police say the motive behind the shooting was possibly connected to some sort of domestic dispute, but can't say for sure. "Hakim unfortunately did not want to corporate so the only two people that were in the apartment were him and his father," said Sgt. Gerrish.

Police did mention they're looking into Hakim Abdeladim's mental health and they're also checking with ATF to see if the gun was registered.



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