Austin police officers replace South Austin family's stolen gifts

For the second year in a row, a South Austin family's Christmas presents have been stolen. 

The Ruiz family returned home Saturday night and realized someone had broken in through the window. Almost everything inside was gone, including all the Christmas presents they had been so eager to open on Christmas day. 

Austin Police Officer Jordan Officer took the report. 

“When I got there, it was a middle aged woman that was there with her two young kids. And she was showing me what was all missing and basically she had a tv, some other things stolen, including kids’ Christmas gifts that she had hidden in the closet, that she hadn't set out just yet,” Officer said. 
It wasn't the first time a burglar broke into their Meadow Run home. 

“She made a comment that this happened last year around the same time,” said Officer.   

This year, Officer and two of his coworkers took it upon themselves to spread a little holiday cheer. 

“I was like, ‘Nope. These kids need to have something to open. They're good kids and there's no reason they shouldn't be able to celebrate Christmas,’” Officer said.  
The boys in blue stopped at Walmart where they picked up toys for the Ruiz children.  At the police station, they gathered donated bicycles and set out to make a special delivery to the Ruiz home. 

“They came running out and one of them screamed, ‘You saved Christmas!’ Which I thought was extremely adorable,” said Officer. 
"I mean to me it's like saving Christmas because, I mean, without them they wouldn't be opening something, you know what I mean?" said Guadalupe Ruiz, who is a single mother to four children. 

"I thank them very much for their help and everything, my kids are really appreciative," Ruiz added. 

Officer said it was worth every cent.  

“It was just as much a gift for me, seeing them smile, as it was for them,” said Officer. 

The burglary is still unsolved. Anyone with information can call Austin police.