Austin Police take alleged rock-thrower into custody

UPDATE: The name of the individual arrested in this case has been identified as Marquel Raymond Boone. Boone has been charged with Attempted Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Third Degree Felony. 

Bond has been set at $50,000.



Friday morning started off with another I-35 rock-throwing...something we've come to hear about all too often here in Austin.
Police say there have been 83 cases since 2014.  Some people have been critically injured.

But this time, something was different: When Fox 7 rolled up to the scene, Austin Police officers had a suspect in the back of their patrol car.

"At 9 am this morning, APD officers responded to a rock throwing incident on I-35 and all we can say this time is that we do have one person in custody," said Sgt. Bruce Friar.

APD had gotten a disturbance call a little before 9 from the I-35 northbound service road near Edgewood and Concordia.
In a statement, police say the person was taken into custody for being involved in throwing a rock and other objects onto the lower deck and service road.

"Although this person has been taken into custody, APD does not believe this suspect is responsible for all 83 rock throwing cases.  This is all preliminary information and APD is actively working on the investigation.  Once more information is made available, we will let the public know," APD said in the statement.

Ginger Moore is the store manager of "Dreamers" on I-35.

She says officers on scene told her this:

"This is a good suspect so...and they've got some good witnesses," she said.

The surveillance cameras on her store captured the alleged Friday-morning-rock-thrower being taken into custody.

"I'm hoping this is one of them.  I really think there's more than one because that one weekend where they were on three different ends of town," Moore said.

Recently APD increased the reward money for information on the rock-throwing cases to $25,000.

Moore thinks that may have had something to do with witnesses coming forward Friday morning.

"This is a good thing because we really need for this to end.  What's wrong with people?" she said.