Austin protestors march against Juan Sanchez at his home

Thursday night there was a protest against Juan Sanchez, the CEO of Southwest Key.

He’s made headlines for jailing kids separated by Trump at the border, and lives in Austin. 

Protestors tell FOX 7 they marched from Allen Park, to where Sanchez lives because there isn’t peace in our community when there is no peace for children and immigrants. 

“Cages kids for money”, “Shut it down” and “Juan makes millions off child incarceration”, are just what a few of those signs read on Thursday night. On flyers they passed out they highlighted how Sanchez made $1.5 million from the ongoing immigration crisis that’s tearing families and kids apart.

Once protestors reached his home, there were two security guards waiting.

Sanchez is out of town right now but that didn’t stop demonstrators from making their demands.

27 year old Olivia Huerta says, “I’m hoping that he will feel compelled to take a stand from the rest of the crowd and realize what he’s doing is morally incorrect. Just because it’s been established as legal to do so doesn’t mean that it’s right and just because it’s making him money isn’t making this right.” 

Thursday night protesters were asking that Sanchez give up his large salary and to stop tearing families apart, and that his company Southwest Key ends all contracts with the federal government.