Austin real estate team to help repair bombing victim's home

Shrapnel still remains lodged in the walls of the home of Anthony House. House was killed by an exploding package left on his doorstep.  

He leaves behind a young daughter and wife.

“She's now a single mother of an eight-year-old child, having to start life over. We couldn't think of a better, more deserving family to help,” said Roman Lopez, owner of Roman Lopez Real Estate.

It’s help that can change the lives of House's family. Lopez and his real estate team are partnering up with UT-alum Cedric Benson to fix the damaged home.

“A few weeks ago we found out that one of our clients we just recently closed with a family member was a victim of the bombing tragedies. We decided we needed to act,” said Lopez.

It is Anthony House's brother-in-law who is their client, so the real estate team just felt it was their duty. 

“This just was unfortunately the perfect opportunity to help someone in need,” said Lopez.

“I was very surprised events were happening like this at home, so close to where I live,” said Benson.

The organizers said they've already had contractors come out and take a look at the damage. They expect to get started on the project Friday and finish up by Sunday.

“We had a contractor come out here and give a bid. Honestly it's going to take support from not only us, but the community,” said Benson.

Anthony House may be gone, but this team feels the least they can do is make things a little easier for his loved ones

“We just feel it's the right thing to do,” said Lopez.

To donate to the Anthony Stephan House Fund, click here.