Austin streets taken over by street-racing incidents, APD officer hurt

The Austin Police Department is investigating multiple street racing incidents from Saturday night where one officer was hurt, and several vehicles were damaged.

Videos show cars doing donuts, people throwing fireworks at cop cars, girls hanging out the windows, and people on fire.

A little after 9 p.m. Saturday night, people were blocking intersections, one at Lamar Boulevard and Barton Springs Road, another at Mueller Boulevard and 51st Street, and another on Howard Lane in North Austin.

The cohost of this large, coordinated event, the Lonestar Show, told FOX 7 the goal was to have fun. Hundreds of people came from all over the country to participate in this side show, or takeover.

"We want to be known; we want to be documented. We want to be the next Fast and Furious," said Jose Gonzales, a South Austin resident who was at the street racing event.

Lewis Guapo, a videographer who said he just happened to stop by, said a lot of people were having fun, but some were also concerned.

"It is dangerous, and it can be dangerous but like I said, intersection, big, a lot of open space, everybody’s backed up, so it’s not really dangerous. Once you start going in and doing things that you’re not supposed to do, it is dangerous," Guapo said.

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Austin PD said this behavior is reckless and poses significant risks and dangers to the public.

The event went on until around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Austin PD said an officer was hurt and several vehicles were damaged. A Travis County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said two of their vehicles had their windows busted out, rocks thrown at them, and they had to be towed.

"We didn’t have no intentions of hurting nobody. You know, that’s our fault. We’re sorry to the police officer that got hurt, but man, he should have stayed in his own lane," Gonzales said.

The cohost of the event said they don’t condone putting hands on cop cars or setting off fireworks. He told FOX 7 as taxpayers, they pay for the roads too, and this is how they choose to use them.

When asked if Gonzales was ever concerned about getting in trouble or even arrested, he said, "They can’t catch us."

Austin PD said, "Lawbreaking in this manner will result in enforcement and arrest."

APD later stated they arrested two people for evading arrest and that further charges may be filed as the investigation continues.

FOX 7 also reached out to Mayor Kirk Watson for comment and have yet to receive a response.

The Austin Police Association said Austin policymakers "continue to defund, destroy, and demoralize public safety."