ATCEMS responds to emergencies on Austin trails; 2 dead, 1 hospitalized

Two people are dead, and one is in the hospital with serious injuries, after ATCEMS responded to several emergencies on local trails.

One of the calls was a deadly bike crash on the Southern Walnut Creek Trail around 10:45 a.m. Saturday, June 29.

ATCEMS says a biker fell from their bike, became lightheaded, and passed out. They were taken to Dell Seton for a serious potentially life-threatening medical issue.

"We have run 19 wilderness rescues thus far this month and compared to last year in June, we ran 10. We are not certain that those are actually heat related all the time." said ATCEMS Capt. Darren Noak.

Around 9 a.m. on Saturday, first responders were called to Walnut Creek Trail near Loyola Lane for a bike crash.

Extensive resuscitative efforts were made by first responders, including C.P.R, but unfortunately that person died.

The night before on June 28 at 7:17 p.m. near the Pennybacker Bridge Overlook, a person was found on the trail about halfway down. 

First responders say they went into cardiac arrest. CPR was performed, but the person did not survive.

 "The first thing first responders need to know is where to send help, so that is always important, and it is very hard to give an address to areas that aren't addressable, like in the Greenbelt so that is why we encourage people and all of the first responders in the area to use the what3words app," said Capt. Noak.

According to ATCEMS, the app will help first responders locate you.

"It breaks the entire world down into 10-foot by 10-foot squares and assigns them a three-word address versus an actual numeric and street address, and it lets us know really precisely where that patient is," said Capt. Noak.