Austin wants community opinion on the dockless electric scooters and bikes

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A woman was badly hurt after crashing a dockless electric scooter in south Austin over the weekend.

This comes at a time when the city is looking for feedback on the dockless scooters and bikes. 
While out on her usual runs, Dr. Kimberly Davis witnessed a woman fall off one of the electric scooters and hit her head. 

"She started losing consciousness and her eyes rolled back into the head, started foaming at the mouth," said Dr. Davis. 

The woman was taken to the hospital. Dr. Davis said she is all for the new mode of transportation but is concerned with how things are right now when it comes to safety. 

"I'm a doctor a chiropractor so I’ve seen a lot of head and neck injuries in my professional career and so much of it could have been solved just by wearing a helmet," said Dr. Davis.

For others, the concern comes from where these scooters are left when the ride is over.

"They're all in your way. I don't mind people having alternatives to walking, I get it obviously, but be courteous enough to put them in a place that's smart," said Jennifer Mcphail. 

Being in a wheelchair Mcphail said it can be difficult to get by parked scooters scattered on the sidewalk. 

"A lot of times they'll leave them on the ramps so you have to get out in the middle of traffic, I’ve had that happen quite a bit," said Mcphail.

The Transportation Department published an online survey on the city's website. It asks for opinions on everything from where people drop them off, to safety.

For those who enjoy riding, they say other riders need to make sure they follow the rules.

These companies post the rules on their app and their website and those who follow them say it's a better alternative than trying to drive and park downtown.

"I get to go around see the people, see the architecture, and have a blast," said Michael Strach who enjoys having the scooters around. 

For Strach it means one less car on the road. 

"I don't like driving in cities so the scooters make it so much easier," said Strach. 

He adds he would hate to see these scooters leave just because some people couldn't follow some easy rules.

FOX-7 reached out to both Limebike and Bird about the recent concerns with the scooters. These are the companies with the largest number of dockless scooters in Austin.

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