Austin Wildlife Rescue takes in 200 additional animals since recent storms

The Austin Wildlife Rescue has taken in hundreds of animals due to recent storms and is on track to surpass last year's rescue count in just the first four months of 2019.

Hayley Hudnall, executive director of Austin Wildlife Rescue, says each storm that swept through central Texas has added an extra 100 to 150 animals that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Ausin Wildlife Rescue's rehabilitation center just opened on April 1 in Elgin. 

They've received many birds like doves, blue jays, mockingbirds, and grackles because many of them don't build strong nests, which always fall down if there's rain or wind.

People have also brought in several baby ducks, turtles, squirrels and possums too.

The center has had about $10,000 donated this month to help with the hundreds of extra animals that were brought in because of stormy weather. Spring is the center's busiest time and with more severe weather on the way they'll continue to need more donations.

Hudnall says every dollar counts.

"So one bird you just saw the baby birds we were feeding one bird to raise it from a tiny baby to an adult that gets released is about 25 dollars which is a lot when we are taking hundreds of birds," Hudnall said. "One baby raccoon can cost upwards of 300 dollars to raise because we keep them from 6 to 8 months. The formula is expensive, the food they eat is expensive and on top of that the cage and the stuff that goes along with it gets really expensive."

Hudnall says last year they took in about 6300 animals. This year they’re already on track to take in more than 6300 since squirrel season came early.

“You never know what weather animals will bring in. Hurricane Harvey brought in more than 400 animals in one week,” she adds.

Those wishing to help can visit the Center's website to donate so the center can buy what they need depending on the animals that come in.

The Center also has an Amazon wish list with everyday necessities like paper towels and detergent. People can also call the Center at 512-472-9453 if they find an animal or have any questions.