Austin woman slacklines across mountains in Rio de Janeiro in high heels

She’s giving new meaning to "high" heels.  Faith Dickey, from Austin, sported pink high heels, and walked a rope in mountains of Rio de Janeiro.

“No one had ever done it before, and I just wanted to add an extra challenge,” said Faith who is a professional slackliner.

The 26-year old says slacklining is a balance sport where you walk on a flat rope that moves, bends, sways and you balance. She started about seven years ago in Austin.

“I just saw it in the park and tried it one day, and got hooked. I never imagined I would walk thousands of feet up.”

Years later, she's broken many world records, and currently holds the record for walking the longest free solo highline. That means the slackline is high, and she has no security or safety restraints.

“It's super scary, but at the same time it motivates me to be in total control of my body, and able to stay focused and not let fear get the best of me,” she said.

Faith is most known for her dare devil stunt of walking a slackline between two moving semi-trucks for Volvo. “It was totally nuts, it was really difficult. I didn't have any control over the line. I just had to hang onto the line as best as I could.” The YouTube video went viral with more than 10-million people watching it.

Faith has traveled to more than 20 different countries, seeking out the best gaps in the world.

“When you're a highliner, you start to look at every gap differently. When you see a space between two points and you know no one has ever walked a line, you get this motivation in yourself. I have to do a line there, I have to cross that gap,” she said.

While in that amazing scenery, you may catch her with some headphones in her ears. She said music helps her focus. “It's a really amazing combination to be in this exposure, really high off the ground, potentially surrounded by mountain peaks with some really good beats in my ears.”

Besides the challenge of the sport, she said she takes to high grounds on a tiny rope to overcome fear.

“I really started to realize how much fear dictates our decisions in life and when you disregard fear, and really ask yourself what you want then you can do anything you can set your mind to.”

Faith said it's really hard to make a living at slacklining and how she makes money is by doing performances at special events. She has sponsors who help with her equipment and she also teaches the sport.