Austin woman who had mental breakdown during arrest, is no longer detained

"We visit her Friday, we visit her yesterday we visit her today. If we can visit her every day we will. We see the process of her recovering and her eyes changing, and her smile. She laughs and sings."

Tania Silva's sister, aunt, and mother embrace each other, after the 21-year-old was released from jail on Friday. 

"After weeks of confusion my sister is now in the hospital this is really great news for us and that's what we hoped from the beginning,” Pamela Silva says.

Silva's family says they called police on July 19th when they couldn't find her. She was having a mental breakdown. Officers say they attempted to calm her down. When explaining to Silva she would be handcuffed on the way to a mental health facility, she became violent. The Austin Police Dept. says she assaulted an officer, and was taken to jail. Once there, she was placed her on a federal hold because of her immigration status.

On July 24th, a rally was held, calling for Silva to be taken to a mental health facility, instead of being locked up behind bars.

"Mental illnesses are very unpredictable. You don't know what that person thinks. But if you put yourself in their place and you feel what they feel you will react the same way or worse,” Pamela adds.

Her aunt, Monica Ochoa says, “It was so hard to see her in jail and the only thing I can think to say right now is we are super happy to see her in the hospital.”

This past Friday, that call was heard. Silva's ICE detainer was dropped. She's now recovering in the hospital. Her sister credits the Workers Force, lawyers and the community for helping with Tania’s release.

"In the beginning she was in a really bad state she was crying and then when I saw her she was looking at me like, is that really you? Like is this a dream? And I told her you were not alone in this we were trying to get you out and she hugged me and didn't want to let me go. And I didn't either."

Silva’s sister says she’ll be released from the hospital based on her mental state.

She still faces the assault charge.