Back to school enthusiast takes on 5th grade

While most kids dread going back to school one student  can’t wait to get his nose back in the books.

We’re checking in on our favorite "back to schooler" who was super excited last year for his first day of school.

This year, Kevin Rodriguez is taking on 5th grade and he's heading back to class with some notoriety.

His interview with FOX 7 has been seen more than 600,000 times.
However, Kevin said it’s not going to his head.
“No I don’t feel famous. No one at my school has seen it,” said Kevin.
When we first met Kevin, he was a super excited 4th grader that had the darndest things to say about his first day of school.
"Because I’m going to 4th grade and after that I’m going to 5th grade and I’m going to college or high school. I don't know," said Kevin.

Last year he told FOX 7’s Tania Ortega that he was ready to take on 4th grade.

"Math is fun because I want to be a creator like inventing stuff and I need to learn a lot of math to do it and also a lot of science,” said Kevin. 

His father Tano Rodriguez said he likes to keep Kevin actively learning.

“Over the summer you know I tried to do interactive things, we do little science experiments, take apart an old t.v. you know.  Things that are fun to do,” said Rodriguez.

Kevin even called out his own mom on live t.v.!

"Also my mom thinks I’m a baby so I can't walk to school sometimes and also she thinks I need protective gear when I need to ride a bike.  You probably do...I think I agree with her on that.  I know how to ride a bike already even without protective gear!" said Kevin.

This school year Kevin is a couple inches taller and has started 5th grade.  He and his family came and visited the FOX 7 studio.

"I’m going to be on FOX 7 news again," he said.

He also gave us an update on what he expects to accomplish this school year. 

"I am hoping to learn about history and hoping to learn more about math and science and I want to study algebra," said Kevin.

He had some valuable advice to share with Lockhart Independent School District 4th graders.

"Never act like another person be respectful and kind," said Kevin. “I made a lot more friends and I’m in 5th grade now."

As for his aspirations in inventing stuff Kevin said he’s got his on the future. 

"The technology I think this is scientific stuff right now but I like a flying car,” said Kevin.

Kevin also had some words of wisdom for students.

"I want to give them a shout out to try their best and hope for the best because there's always going to be the future. I wish you good luck in everything,"  he said.