Barton Springs Pool resumes reservations, capacity limit for summer

Starting May 21st, reservations will be required to visit Barton Springs Pool. The goal is to keep both the staff and guests safe and keep the capacity at a maintainable level since the pandemic took a toll on the pool’s staffing.

On May 10th, the first set of reservation slots will be available for the public to sign up for and secure a two-hour time slot. Season pass holders do not need a reservation.

On a busy summer day before the pandemic, Barton Springs Pool would have close to 8,000 people visiting at one time. This summer’s capacity limit will have a max of around 600 people every two-hour time slot.



Enforcing reservations is the same protocol Barton Springs Pool had last summer.

"The amount of reservations that we'll be selling throughout the day, and the time blocks will be 450. We'll also be allowing Season Pass members in as well without a reservation, so we expect roughly 500 to 600 people per time block," said Adam Thompson, Aquatic supervisor for Barton Springs Pool.

The limit on the number of people coming in will help the staff make sure guests are safe. Thompson says the pandemic took a toll on their hiring process. 

"Normally this facility has about 70 lifeguards on staff and currently we're at 30 so in order to manage everybody's safety, we had to put a capacity back in place this summer, and, you know, as we continue to work to hire lifeguards, we hope to be able to increase the capacity numbers here," said Thompson.

Barton Springs Pool's Modified Hours of Operation will remain the same:

  • Daily 5:00 AM - 8:00 AMFree Swim at your Own Risk (no reservation required)
  • Free Swim at your Own Risk (no reservation required)
  • Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays 8:00 AM - 10:00 PMReservation Only Guarded Swim
  • Reservation Only Guarded Swim

For more information about Barton Springs Pool, please call 512-974-6300 or visit