Baseball league brings the game to children and adults with physical or mental disabilities

A Florida baseball program is helping children and adults with special needs get on the field. 

The Challenger baseball program is designed for children and adults with physical or mental disabilities. 

Some of the coaches and players have been participating for more than 25 years. Each season it brings back players like Erin, who has been participating for seven years. 

“I like to play baseball for fun. It’s my hobby,” she told Fox 13. “It’s my thing. I just love it.”

The 12-member team plays every Saturday for 10 weeks out of the year, and the coaches say it’s as rewarding for them as it is for the players. 

“It just makes me feel great,” said Anthony Sanchez, who has coached the team for three years. “It’s what baseball it supposed to be about. It’s about coming out and having fun.”

Win or lose everyone has a great time, and it’s proof that no matter who you are, baseball is for everyone.