Baskin-Robbins brings back 'Turkey Cake' with ice cream stuffing and sugar-cone legs

Baskin Robbins' turkey cake. (Baskin Robbins')

Dessert lovers will want to go ham on this Thanksgiving turkey.

Just ahead of the holidays, Baskin-Robbins is bringing back its annual ice cream-filled "Turkey Cake," shaped after the star of our Thanksgiving feasts.

The limited-edition cake is, obviously, shaped like an actual turkey, but made with two sugar cones for its legs, and covered in a caramel-colored praline glaze. Eaters can choose their "stuffing" in the form of sweet flavors, including chocolate chip cookie dough, old-fashioned butter pecan, or peanut butter and chocolate.

The item is said to serve 12 to 16 people, with a serving is defined as a "2-inch by 2-inch" slice, per the Baskin-Robbins website

Prices vary depending on location.

The fall flavors don’t stop there. The ice creamery is also rolling out a Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream as its flavor of the month for November, in addition to a Harvest Swirl Cake decoratively topped with orange leaves.

The cake could be the life of the party – and one that many Americans may attend this Thanksgiving despite rising coronavirus cases across the country. A recent study suggests about 40% of Americans could still plan on attending a holiday gathering.

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