Some Bastrop ISD seniors being investigated for end-of-year prank

Students at Cedar Creek High School are being investigated for vandalism. Bastrop ISD said seniors took their end-of-the-year prank too far.

The senior class apologized and said this behavior doesn’t represent the entire class.

"Didn’t hear much about it before it happened," Cedar Creek High School Junior Joel Briones said.

Video on social media showed Cedar Creek High School students setting up their senior prank. On Monday morning, Briones saw what had been taken too far.

"That field right there actually, they did donuts in it. I heard that they put cockroaches and crickets in one of the teachers’ rooms. There was some trash, papers, assignments and stuff like that from teacher’s classrooms," Briones said.

Bastrop ISD said campus administration had collaborated with students to ensure they could partake in a fun senior prank. Unfortunately, some of the seniors took this too far.

The incident is currently under investigation by the Bastrop ISD Police Department and CCHS administration.

"You give kids keys to the school, and they’ll kind of run loose like that," Briones said.

The Cedar Creek High School Class of 2024 issued an apology to teachers, staff, and students saying, "Last night, May,19th 2024, was blown out of proportion and was never expected to get to that level. We as a whole would like to apologize for all the inappropriate behavior fellow classmates have shown. This behavior does not represent the rest of the class of 2024 that did not participate in these actions. As our last goodbye we would hate to leave things as they are, once again we apologize."

"I think it’s sad they had to get wrap for them because not all of them did that, and I know a lot of them and not all of them are like that. I think it was just a small percentage that tarnished, like one bad apple in the bunch," Briones said.

Bastrop ISD said they don’t want this incident to overshadow the excitement and celebration of the class of 2024’s achievements as they graduate later this week.