Bastrop ISD investigates inappropriate remarks surrounding political flag

A Bastrop High School student, who is openly gay, says he was targeted at a varsity football game by students holding a Trump flag. He also tells us his Hispanic friend was told to "go back to her country."

Bastrop ISD says high school administrators conducted a thorough investigation after receiving a report of inappropriate remarks at Friday's game. Going forward, they will not allow items that take away from the game's focus.

"So are we going to just pretend like your students weren't at the football game waving Trump flags and telling Hispanics to go back to their country?" says Patrick Diaz, Bastrop High School senior.

Patrick Diaz read us his tweet to Bastrop ISD, which is now circulating among the community. Bastrop High School Student Council posted video of the crowd from Friday's football game, in it you can see one of the Trump flags. Diaz tells FOX 7 he was cheering with the "hype crew" on the field that night.

"It made me feel humiliated when I was in front of the whole student section and those kids were screaming my name, waving the Trump flag at my face. I felt humiliated; I left early," says Diaz.

Diaz is publicly gay and says he's been targeted by some of those same students at school before because of his sexuality. When his friend tried to defend him, he tells us a racial remark was made.

"They started telling my friend to go back to her country and do all this stuff. My friend's parents are immigrants, they do come from Mexico. My parents are immigrants too. It's not the best feeling when someone tells you to go back to your country," says Diaz.

He reportedly told two school officials what happened during the game and says although supportive, he was told to ignore it. Diaz says he doesn't want to ignore it anymore.

"We come to school to learn, not to fit in to people's standards. It's sad that people are scared to come to our school," says Diaz.

Many parents were outraged, like Renee Fuentes, who kept parents informed by recording herself going straight to administrators.

"They shouldn't have to feel like they're outsiders here at school. This is where they are, this is where they spend more time than they spend at home, they spend here at school. So they should be able to feel safe here," says Renee Fuentes, parent.

FOX 7 received a statement from Bastrop ISD regarding their investigation:
"Although the findings were inconclusive, we determined that the presence of a political flag and banner at the game created dissension and strife that had no place at a high school football game. In Bastrop ISD, we strive to uphold an environment where all students feel safe and welcomed, and we want our games to focus on competition and sportsmanship. Going forward, we will not allow any items that we deem contrary to that ideal."

Fuentes would like to see more done. She believes the student saying inappropriate remarks should face some type of discipline.