Bat at Canyon Vista Middle School assumed to have rabies

The principal of Canyon Vista Middle School says that a bat found on the school's campus on April 6 is assumed to have rabies and asks that anyone who may have come in contact with the bat to notify staff or call Animal Control.

Animal Control officials went to the school to collect the bat for testing but Principal Nicole Hagerty says the school was told the bat was too decomposed to test and therefore it has to be assumed that the bat had rabies.

Teachers and staff have been informed. If you or your child came into contact with the bat, you're asked to call City of Austin Animal Services Office at 512-974-2000 or the Disease Surveillance Line at 512-972-5555, and also notify the Canyon Vista office.

If you have any questions, you can call the school at 512-464-8100.

Officials remind people to stay away from any bats on the ground or in a "reachable location."