Bear cub takes a dip in a hot tub and the video is adorable

An adorable video shows that even bears sometimes need their self-care. 

Video captured by Cris Georgantonis showed a young "curious" cub splashing around in a hot tub in Tennessee on May 19. 

Two other bears lingered nearby. 

Georgantonis said a mother bear and her cubs jumped in the tub while he was upstairs. When he caught them, two of the bears left, but one bear stayed behind. 

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"The one cub that was left seemed curious with me and didn’t mind staying in the tub having fun," he told Storyful. 

Storyful said it seems wildlife is getting used to the life of luxury as another bear was spotted having a spa day near Gatlinburg in 2019. 

Gatlinburg is a popular tourist destination near the Great Smoky Mountains, where bear sightings are quite common. 

This story was reported in Los Angeles.