Better luck at hitting the lottery jackpot in a small town?

Many of us have heard of "beginners luck" when it comes to winning big, but others say it's all about where you buy your Powerball tickets.

Some say head to a small town, to a quiet gas station. That’s just what Katie Mackrell did Wednesday, “I am purchasing Powerball tickets for our office.”  She said she chose the less busy gas station in Jarrell to save time, “My friends who went to the Exxon up the road had to wait in a big long line, not here,” she said. Also, she’s hoping buying lotto tickets in a small town pays off, “I’m from Temple, and in Belton there's this little tiny gas station that's had the lottery won several times so maybe, here's hoping.”

From quick pick, to picking your own numbers, everyone has different methods of playing. Jarrell Exxon gas station owner Patrick Sherek said maybe the small town, not being so busy, does help. “People say that being able to pick your own numbers instead of the quick picks is better which maybe in a small town it's not as busy, people can actually fill out their tickets or when it's really busy I'm guessing a lot of people do quick picks and are just done with it,” he said.

No matter where you buy your tickets, your odds are the same at one in 292.2 million. Lottery officials said about 86% of possible number combinations had been selected by mid-day on Wednesday; increasing the chances someone will win the world’s largest lottery jackpot.

Mackrell said one of her co-workers opted out of their lotto pool “There is only 10 of us and 9 of us are in on the pool, and the other one we will buy him a beer if we win.”

If no one wins Wednesday night, the estimated jackpot for Saturday is 2-billion dollars.