Bevo Blvd. - A new fan experience kicks off for UT football's first home game

Drew Martin with University of Texas athletics says he's ecstatic to debut Bevo Boulevard on Saturday. Bevo Boulevard is a new concept that will be executed every home game, named after UT’s iconic mascot, Bevo. Streets by the stadium will be closed off so Longhorn fans can enjoy food trucks and live performances. Admission is free, and the fun begins 5 hours before kickoff.

Martin says,"Everything is fan centric, we've really placed an emphasis on fans. The football team will get dropped off there they'll walk down Bevo and greet fans." There's also an emphasis on music at Bevo. The University has been working with the directors of ACL to create the university's own version called Longhorn City Lights.

"We're just as excited as our fans are to see this come to life,” he adds.

The Longhorns play the Tulsa Hurricanes, but the biggest force will be how UT’s athletic department will keep up the momentum, rain or shine. "Rain is part of it so if we get rain the show will go on and if we have threatening weather any kind of lightning we'll enact our lightning plans. To make sure people have a safe and enjoyable experience."

Martin says across the country, there have been several articles about fan attendance on game day and he pays attention to that, which is why the university is kicking up the fan experience and entertainment.

Saturday will be a first for UT  and they're hoping to keep the momentum going.

For additional rain plans, Martin says you can also follow them on twitter @TexasLonghorns. They’ve been in contact with the emergency command center to keep you updated.

He says the live music comes into the picture because the DJ can make announcements through the PA systems, if plans should change. Martin adds, “We’re just getting started.”