Bexar County identifies woman killed in deputy involved shooting

Update:  According to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office the Deputies involved in Thursday's standoff have been place on temporary administrative leave. 

Bexar County sheriffs have now identified a boy killed by a stray bullet in a standoff involving deputies Thursday.

It’s just days before Christmas and a family is left mourning the loss of their son. 

6-year-old Kameron Prescott was shot while inside his home in the Pecan Grove Mobile Home Park in Schertz, Texas just outside San Antonio.

A family friend who knew the first grader remembers him well.

"He was really energized, He was like super nice sometimes too playful,” said Galaxy Scott. 

Others in the community still stunned over the situation. 

"I saw one cop fly by my house, get out, hop over the back gate area, come running back, Cops flying in and out, helicopters flying all over the place, step out, next thing you know I hear gunshots, 15 of them,"  said Jeff Tucker a resident. 

An hour and a half manhunt led officers to the mobile home park, where they said the suspect was trying to break into homes.

According to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar they had been chasing a wanted felon in the area, 

"We received a call for a stolen vehicle. At the time the suspect was known and had several outstanding felony warrants."

Deputies identified her as 30-year-old Amanda Jones. 

Salazar said they opened fire on Jones as she tried to break into Prescott's home. He said four deputies opened fire shooting and killing Jones.

"The suspect was making movements indicating that she had a weapon reaching for her hip reaching for her waistband,” said Salazar. 

Sadly, Prescott was caught in the crossfire during the shootout. One of the bullets pierced the wall of a mobile home and struck Prescott in the chest killing him.

In the home next door to his, Rhonda Campbell and her family were still shaken by an encounter with Jones.

"She was standing right here demanding my car keys well it took me almost 30 years to get my dream car she wasn't about to get it,” said Campbell.  

According to Bexar County Sheriffs they’re still investigating and said no weapon was found on Jones despite the numerous reports of witnesses saying they saw a gun on Jones. 

Campbell said she understands why deputies opened fire on Jones. 

"They were scared she had a gun and were fighting for their own lives. It was probably an accident," said Campbell. 

Bexar County is working to determine who fired the shot that killed Prescott.