Bexar County judge pays fine for bringing loaded handgun to San Antonio airport

A Bexar County judge was forced to pay a fine after bringing a loaded handgun to San Antonio International Airport last month.

Judge Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez paid a close to $2,500 civil penalty after a handgun with a bullet in the chamber was found in her carry-on luggage.

The judge was trying to catch an early morning flight to Miami in mid-September when a TSA agent made the discovery. Speedlin Gonzalez called the incident an oversight and was able to board the flight after handing the gun to a family member.


TSA says the civil penalty is separate from a possible criminal proceeding that could be brought against the judge. 

San Antonio police say the case could still be forwarded to the Bexar County District Attorney. The DA's office has not received it as of Friday.

KSAT contributed to this report.