Blanco authorities catch man with weapons, drugs

Authorities caught a man on July 16 with weapons, drugs and a possible explosive device. The incident caused a panic and the Austin Police Department's Bomb Squad was one of those called in to check out the scene.

It all started around 7 p.m. Blanco police were set up to approach a suspect but before backup could arrive the man took off in an SUV down Highway 281.

Officers pulled the man and the vehicle he was following over. Jimmy Lower was arrested and charged with possession of meth and weapons.

A search of the SUV revealed a piece of military ordinance. APD Bomb Squad checked out and determined it was a low powered military device. 

At Lower's home, officials found body armor, more weapons and drugs. 

The driver of another vehicle, Rachel Wilson, was arrested on local warrants as well. She's facing felony drug charges after a K9 sweep found nearly five grams of meth in the car.

Blanco police say they anticipate more people will face charges in the coming days.