Blood donation sites packed in Austin following mass shootings

Dozens of people rolled up their sleeves to give blood Monday following two deadly shootings. The turnout was so big that some people had to wait three hours to donate. 

“After I found out what happened in El Paso I just had to give blood, I just had too,” said Andrew Pyle. 

Pyle was one of the many who chose to give blood following two deadly mass shootings over the weekend, one in Dayton, Ohio, the other in El Paso, Texas

“Donating blood is a life changing thing in our society, donating blood will definitely make a difference,” said Pyle.

Like the lines, wait times to donate blood were also long. 

“People were waiting 3 to 4 hours happily because they wanted to contribute and show their support,” said Nick Canedo, We are Blood's community outreach specialist. 

Canedo said the blood donated put them in a position to help the two grieving communities if needed. 

“We have been in touch with blood centers in El Paso and Dayton, they have not needed us to send blood in their direction but the community response was so great we wanted to give them an opportunity to give and also ensure we have the blood supply here locally,” said Canedo.

In the past Canedo said there were times where they did send blood. 

“After the Pulse nightclub shooting we were able to send aid to Florida, after Hurricane Harvey we were able to send aid to the Gulf Coast, and then again with Hurricane Irma,” said Canedo.

While the need for blood changes day to day, Canedo said it's possible they could be asked to send some later this week.

Those who do want to give blood at a “We are Blood” location must be 17 or older, weigh at least 110 pounds, bring a photo ID, and be well rested and well fed beforehand.