Blue light call box added to West Campus

A blue light call box was installed at the University Co-op alleyway in West Campus Friday, similar to the ones you see on the university campus where you push a button and it immediately calls 911. 

The nonprofit SafeHorns had the call box donated. 

"We have been asking for things from the City of Austin and have seen nothing done in the five years we have been a nonprofit," said Joell McNew, president of SafeHorns. "This is an opportunity for us to say hey we are going to take action and get it done."

SafeHorns put the call box in following the increase in crime in the West Campus area. "The crime has been very concerning and it’s been very consistent so now is the time we actually stop talking about it and take action," said McNew.

The call box is the first one in SafeHorn’s initiative to make West Campus safer. Many students who live in the area are glad something is being done. 

"I usually walk this alleyway (at the University Co-op) all the time because I live right down there and yeah and I can see that there is always people here especially late at night. it’s not always the greatest so I think having that at the position that it is located a great idea," said UT junior Anisha Gowda on the call box’s location.

SafeHorns said they are working on getting more donations for additional call boxes to be put in around the West Campus area.

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