Boba pizza: Domino’s cooks up pie with bubble tea-inspired toppings

If you’re in Taiwan anytime until the end of December, you might want to stop by a local Domino’s and try its latest concoction – boba pizza.

The tapioca balls, which are chewy and sweet, are popular around the world. In 1988, a Taiwanese tea house chain invented the black pearls, according to CNN. Now, the balls, often referred to as boba or bubble tea, are available all over Asia, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

To join in on the boba popularity, the Domino’s chain in Taiwan created the “Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Pizza.”

The dessert pizza is made with a soft and chewy dough and then topped with mozzarella cheese, black boba, mochi balls and honey.

Lev Nachman, a Fulbright research fellow in Taiwan, shared his thoughts on the pizza in a series of tweets.

“It’s happening. I’m having the mythical Taiwan exclusive boba pizza from Domino’s for dinner,” he said. “Omg it’s incredible. They nailed it. Not joking, everyone here needs to try this.”

Nachman added the pizza is “savory, but it’s sweetened with honey on top, the boba aren’t mushy.”

The boba pizza can be purchased at one of 155 locations across Taiwan until Nov. 30.