Bobcat attacks woman, husband throws it across yard in viral video

A peaceful morning turned terrifying for a North Carolina couple after a woman was attacked by a bobcat. The entire incident was caught on camera. 

Kristi and Happy Wade were walking to their SUV at their home in Burgaw. Happy says hi to a neighbor and is checking out his car saying that he "really needs to wash" it.

The couple told WECT that they were taking their cat to the veterinarian when out of nowhere, the bobcat starts growling and attacking Kristi.

Their security camera captured the entire ordeal. The video has been viewed on Twitter over 12 million times. 

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"As I came out of our garage, I heard a growl behind or beside one of our cars and I knew it was a cat because I know what a cat sounds like," Kristi told WECT. "But it sounded like a very angry cat, so in the video I back up to see if I can see what it is and when I do the face of this bobcat came around the corner of the car."

Happy springs into action, grabbing the bobcat and holding it in the air as it hisses and flails its legs around. He then throws the cat across the yard and warns everyone nearby to get away. 

"I just remember seeing this face and it was trying to bite her right there in the side of the neck," Happy said. "And so I shoved my arm in and that’s how I ended up with it like this [above his head]."

Kristi told WECT that she received several puncture wounds and scratches and was bitten multiple times.

Happy told the news outlet that he ended up shooting it. 

"I’m not happy that this happened, we don’t take any pleasure that I shot the cat" Happy said. "I knew when I realized it was a bobcat, having been born and raised in Eastern North Carolina and hunting all my life, you know, that’s just not normal."

WECT reports that the cat was later killed by law enforcement. The bobcat was later confirmed to have rabies. 

Happy and Kristi have undergone treatment for rabies. They want people to be aware of what to do if a similar situation happens to anyone else. 

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"It’s just the protocol so we don’t want people to be afraid of that either," Kristi said. "Hopefully no one gets bit by a rabid animal, but if you do, don’t wait, get immediate attention." 

In the past few months, several Central Florida residents have reported bobcat sightings in their neighborhoods. FWC advises you to call them at 888-404-FWCC if they become aggressive.

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