Boil water notice along Lake Buchanan remains in effect after water main break

A water main break along Southern Lake Buchanan caused approximately 550 households and businesses to lose water pressure for more than 24 hours.

The pipe broke early Sunday morning and was repaired just before dinner time Monday, according to Darrin Barker president of Corix Utilities. A boil water notice will remain in effect for up to 48 hours.

Barker said the pipe connects the utility’s Lake Buchanan water treatment plant to its water distribution and storage tanks. This left the entire Lake Buchanan water system "without supply."

Barker said he does not believe cold weather contributed to the break. He also told FOX 7 Austin he does not think age caused the 45-year-old pipe to break. "I believe it’s the weight of this fence that is sitting on top of this pipe. There’s a large concrete pad that this brick fence is on," he explained.

The fence is built around private property but within the utility’s easement. 

Monday morning Barker said he spoke with the landowner about "moving" the pipe. Negotiations about who will pay for the move and how are expected to begin next week.

Barker anticipates the move will be "expensive" for many of the same reasons the repair was so complex and time-consuming. The pipe is surrounded by granite and hugs busy State Highway 49 near East Fawn Drive. 

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