Both sides of gun debate in Austin keep an eye on President's speech

Licensed firearms dealer Steve Ou took a short break from working at the very busy Guns Warehouse in Cedar Park --  to watch the President announce his plan to reduce gun violence.

"That's why we're here today. Not to debate the last mass shooting but to do something to try to prevent the next one," Obama said.

After hearing the speech, Ou concluded the executive action won't change much for the gun business.

"I think if you're actually licensed already and you're engaged in the business, this doesn't change a whole lot for you," he said.

Ou says as far as closing the gun show loophole, he's sold at gun shows before but he's licensed.  He's just wondering what this will end up looking like for non-dealers selling guns to each other.

"If it's a certain dollar amount or a certain -- not dollar amount, but let's say a certain quantity of guns within a year, 25 guns within a is the enforcement mechanism of that going to happen?  Are they going to track the first 19 or the first 24 guns?" Ou said.

The part about improving access to mental health treatment is fine by him.

"I think that's great.  I don't have any problem with that, I don't think anyone wants someone who is mentally ill that's going to hurt themselves or somebody else to have access to a weapon," Ou said.

Ed Scruggs with Texas Gun Sense called the speech "terrific."

"It gets the conversation moving.  But it doesn't impede on anyone's second amendment rights, it does not take anyone's weapons away.  It doesn't keep a law abiding individual from purchasing a weapon or protecting themselves," Scruggs said.

To access many cell phones, we use thumbprints. That's something President Obama proposed -- putting that type of technology onto guns.

"Who could oppose making it more difficult for a 3-year-old to fire a weapon? I just don't understand that opposition," Scruggs said.

"Things can fail.  I don't know if I want an electronic fingerprint sensor on my gun.  In the moment of truth I have to use it and this thing decides to time out, decides to crash," Ou said.

Something else the President proposed in the way of technology is making it easier to find a stolen gun...just like you can use an app to "Find your iPhone."
Steve Ou is afraid that can be hacked into and someone ELSE can find your guns.