Botham Jean’s wrongful death lawsuit still pending against Dallas

With the criminal trial over, Botham Jean’s family now looks to a civil lawsuit against the city of Dallas. Jean’s family filed the lawsuit last year for wrongful death and civil rights violations.

They claim the Dallas Police Department failed to adequately train former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, who claimed she shot Jean because she thought he was an intruder when she went into the wrong apartment.

The suit alleges bias and a cover-up by the department and investigators. It seeks damages for the pain and suffering by Jean in the moments leading up to his death, and for his parents.

After Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison,  Allison Jean spoke to reporters and criticized the investigation into her son's death, saying "the corruption that we saw during this process must stop." She said it's up to the people of Dallas to bring about change.

"Our life must move on, but our life must move on with change. There's got to be a better day, and that better day starts with each and every one of us. The city of Dallas needs to clean up inside. The Dallas Police Department has a lot of laundry to do," she said.

DPD Chief Renee Hall announced the department’s internal affairs division will be investigating “disheartening” testimony heard during the murder trial.

It will be looking into Guyger’s partner, who is still employed by the department. He allegedly exchanged racially-biased text messages with Guyger before the murder.

Investigators will also review surveillance video that shows Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata opening the door of a squad car to talk to Guyger right after the shooting. He seemingly motioned to another officer to stop recording video inside the car.