Bowie High School band gets encouragement from actor Tom Hardy

The James Bowie High School Outdoor Performing Ensemble is once again getting some encouragement before a big competition from a Hollywood star.

Actor Tom Hardy was photographed wearing a Bowie Band sweatshirt and holding a sign saying: "You have worked so incredibly hard. Go crush it James Bowie Outdoor Performing Ensemble. Now is not the time to give up! Go give it all you got at B.O.A. San Antonio. Be Mo Betta !!!......C'mon !!!"

The photo was posted to the Bands of Bowie Facebook page before the group competed in the prelims of the Bands Of America San Antonio Super Regional Championship at the Alamodome. The group is hoping to be one of the finalists competing again tomorrow night.

In 2018 when the group was competing Bands of America Houston Regional Championship they got well wishes from actor Ryan Reynolds.

The special messages are made possible because FOX 7 Austin is told that one of the parents of one of the band members works on films.