Bowlers return to the lanes as more of Texas reopens

Bars aren’t the only business allowed to reopen Friday. Many people left their homes to hit up bowling alleys, but before you head to a lane, there are a few changes to keep in mind.

Chalonda Brown was one of many at Highland Lanes in Austin eager to get back in her lane and start bowling again. “I feel good, I know I’m going to be sore and I’m excited to be back around people,” said Brown.

Bowlers like Brown are eager to get back to the lanes and it turns out they aren’t the only ones; those behind the scenes say reopening came without a moment to spare. “Absolutely there was a worry without a doubt,” said owner John Donovan.


Like most businesses, theirs took a hit during the shutdown. “It’s been a rough few months,” said Donovan.

Just because the lanes are waxed and open doesn’t mean you can just walk up and bowl. There are some changes in place to make sure they stay open.

Bowling alleys can only operate at 25 percent capacity. “The way we plan to manage that is we plan to spread out so that we put a lane between each group so you come in with your buddies and no one is beside you,” said Donovan.


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You also won’t find bowling balls in their typical spot as they are all kept in a back room and cleaned using a machine. “Once your finished bowling, you leave your shoes, your ball, and everything down on the ball rack and we come down and pick it up and bring it back, sanitize it,” said Donovan.

It’s these extra steps that convinced Brown to leave her home because while she wants to enjoy her hobby, she’s still cautious about getting sick.


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